• Surf Camps Online

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  • Summer in Spain and glamping

    It’s time to upgrade our surf camp to surf glamping. Just finished with the first prototype for the season. It…

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  • Its “Valeu!” for the first event winner of the 2014 season!

    Goldcoast is still in a huge turmoil. After a long wait through the days of the waiting period the surfing…

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  • Ujusansa Surf School

    Surfing’s lost heritage

    Ancient Hawaii. Time before the arrival of a man from another civilization. Any bit of research would show you that…

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  • Surf School

    The ocean lights up your personality

    One of the biggest challenges in interacting with the ocean that a modern surfer faces is how to instantly develop…

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  • Surfer

    The 2014 WCT circuit is just about to start its engines

    While seasoned pros from both girls and boys divisions have already started their 2014 competition circuits, we have yet to…

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