About us

Who are we 

We are a bunch of ocean lovers, enthusiasts for movement and of course, passionate surfers. We strongly believe in freedom, simplicity and happiness. We share our love for surfing while offering an authentic travel experience. Ujusansa is more than a surf camp, we do more than teach people how to surf. We take care for our community all year long with different events, surf trips and educations. Our team of passionate surf enthusiasts are dedicated to help you learn how to surf, progress and enjoy your vacation with us.


We felt like we needed to share all what surfing has meant to us with our friends, family and all the rest of the people who never tried it yet. We knew this was our soulful mission… 

All dots connected with Ujusansa’s birth – life-changing story for many who’ve taken a step on a surfboard and more importantly, have taken a step in embracing new experience.


It all began with four friends in late 90’s with a trip to Anglet, France. They caught waves for the first time, had the time of their life and it was addictive. After few years of surf trips and holidays everything led to the foundation of first exclusively surfing club in Slovenia. For 9 years Ujusansa surf camp was based in Angle, where four friends surfed for the first time. Later surf camp moved a bit further to south to beautiful Basque country. While many years have past, main goal stayed the same, to bring surfing experience and adventures closer to people in Europe. 


After many summers spent by the ocean we can say Basque country is our home and people in camp are our family. In past years we also became a bit older, bit wiser and a bit more experienced…  We are slowly starting new chapters in our lives and Ujusansa is big part of it. We adapted our summer programs a bit and started with new ones so everyone can find something that will suit their needs. We take special care for families and their youngest ones with Ujusansa Family program. We are dedicated to make your surf holidays with us the best so far.