Payment and booking conditions



It is a challenging period for the travel and leisure industry.

To reserve your stay initial deposit is required and then the payments:

  • 25% of booking price at booking
  • 25% of booking price 1 month prior to arrival
  • 50% of booking 14 days before arrival

Ujusansa Surf will run in the summer of 2021 (we ran in 2020 also). We are prepared to run the camps as planned. France is changing the tourism operational framework monthly, and we are monitoring all changes that could affect us.

If you can not travel to our destination, due to COVID-19 government restrictions, and you will cancel at this time we can offer a refund and a voucher for the paid amount of your trip. We will refund everything up to 15% of your booking price.

And for the rest, you get a voucher = up to 15% of your booking price that you can use for next year’s booking or exchange it for money after 1.7.2021.

Example: Your booking price is 2.200 EUR. You paid us 1.100 EUR (25% at the booking and 25% one month prior to arrival). You can not travel because of the COVID-19 travel restrictions. We issue a voucher of 15% * 2.200 EUR = 330 EUR and reimburse you the rest (1.100 EUR – 330 EUR = 770 EUR). The voucher you can use for next year or get reimbursed after 1.7.2022.

We humbly ask for your understanding in these difficult times, and we would appreciate your goodwill, and we hope to serve you in the future.


We require full payment 60 days before arrival. The refunded amount is in interdependence with the time of cancellation:

1. Ujusansa will return full payment if you cancel 60 days before arrival.

2. Ujusansa will collect the deposit (50% of the booking price) if you cancel up to 30 days before the arrival.

3. Ujusansa will return 60% of the full payments if you cancel up to 20 days before the arrival.

4. Ujusansa will return 30% of the full payments if you cancel up to 15 days before the arrival.

5. Ujusansa will return 20% of the full payments if you cancel up to 10 days before the arrival.

6. Ujusansa will collect the whole payment if you cancel less than ten days before the arrival.

During COVID-19 pandemics CANCELLATION POLICY also applies.


The amount of the deposit assures you the participation in the chosen Ujusansa camp. The purpose of the deposit is to attract only serious bookers. Ujusansa will not refund the deposit in case of your cancellation, but you can use it for payment of another Ujusansa camp within two years. If Ujusansa cancels the camp, then you get your deposit back (we never canceled our camps). After the reservation, the deposit in the amount assigned has to be paid within five days after you fill out the application form.


Ujusansa runs limited online advertising campaigns. When you book during (and because of) a specific advertising campaign, a campaign discount, deposit, and cancellation rules apply.


If You cancel your participation in the Ujusansa camps, you will have to cover all the expenses resulting in the application regardless of the cancellation policy. If you find a new booker to replace your booking, Ujusansa will transfer all your payments to the new booker.


Ujusansa reserves the right to cancel the camp (in case of a low number of applications, other unforeseeable circumstances, excluding Force Majure). In that case, the booker can apply for another Ujusansa camp or the booker can cancel the participation for the full return of the payment (including deposit).


The insurance of the cancellation of the Ujusansa camp is possible. Booker has to pay the cost of insurance in advance. The insurance covers the expenses risen from the cancellation of the participation. In this case, Ujusansa will return full payment. You will have to present official proof for cancellation: health or other certificates (court order, death).

By applying to one of our camps, you agree with all the conditions listed here.

If you have any questions about making a payment or general conditions, please contact:

Payment and booking conditions are explained below. If you have any further questions, please let us know.

Payment: How to pay?

Instructions are the same for the deposit and the remainder of the payment.

First, please read the payment conditions and general terms of service in the bottom section.


Follow this link and pay: PayPal or Credit Card


Visit your bank, post office or order the money transfer over your web bank.

To fill the money order, you will need the following:

Make a payment to

Beneficiary Ujusansa EURL
1 Avenue Neil Armstrong
33700 Merignac

SIRET: 88491448200010
TVA: FR25 884914482

Account number:
IBAN: FR76 1695 8000 0184 4059 4488 759
Bank / Payment institution: Qonto (Olinda SAS), 20 bis rue La Fayette, 75009 Paris, France

PURPOSE: Family name of the client
If you need to use a reference, please use the following:
00 and 220

Save the copy of the payment!

If you have any questions, contact us at