The 2014 WCT circuit is just about to start its engines

The 2014 WCT circuit is just about to start its engines
February 27, 2014 admin

While seasoned pros from both girls and boys divisions have already started their 2014 competition circuits, we have yet to see surfing top crops or worlds best of the best starting their annual run.

But we dont have to wait much longer. March 1st is the date of the first WCT competition run, starting nowhere else than in Australia`s well known east side surf konglomerate of Queeenslands Gold Coast, or to be more precise, the wider Coolangata area of the land down under. So we can expect the action happening around the spots D`Bah, Snapper Rock and those other in near vicinity. The weather, and the waves are forcasted to rise straight on March 1st, but we can also expect some stronger wind the first few days, so we`re still in that classical “lets wait and see” zone. Nothing new on the eastern weather front forecasting.

The summer down under is slowly finishing, the waves are getting better and better and all we have to do is wait these another few days, before we can enjoy the experience of online surfing competitions. But for those of you who wish to participate in a more active manner, there`s still the game of fantasy surfer or buying an airplane ticket to the surfing`s competitive bellybutton of the world.

With the competition arena on standby and the swell already on the way, how are the surfers stats!? Mick the triple lightning has just survived the official celebration of his third time`s worlds best title just a few days ago and who`s not in for the claim for this years `CT title!? While the surfing granpa, 11-time title holder, Kelly Slater is hinted to be preparing tooth and nail for the `14 season, we can expect the young(er) divison to make its mark on this years competition circuit, or to be more specifically, can the Brazis get this years title the best of the best in surfing!? Adriano, Medina and all the rest of the South American crew is ready for grabs, snatches and takes. And cutbacks. And occasional tube. We must not forget the tubes, hell no.