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Ujusansa surf camps

Why Ujusansa Surf Adventures?

Ujusansa surf adventures are all about collecting memorable moments while having great summer holidays, no matter how old you are, whether you are single or in a relationship, you have a family or you are still in your high school/college years.
We believe you came here because you are curious enough to try something new and exciting or you just wish to explore more about the surf world you already entered. Welcome everyone!

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We customise your holidays in a way you get the most out of the surf experience for your needs. Surfing is not only something we do for fun or work, it is our way of life and we are here to introduce you to how to live surf life from the inside out.

We bet, you will love it.

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There is always a bunch of interesting people in the camp for you to embrace new friendships, maybe fall in love and most of all meet new people who may share the same interests or value the same way of life you do. It is also a great way to gather all your friends/family members and have some real summer bonding time.

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Ujusansa is all about living in, breathing in nature. We take care of the clean ocean and clean ground so we do as less environmental damage around camp as possible. Our camp was built with nature friendly materials and we take care that each year some new initiative for a better camp living comes to life.

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Visiting Basque country alone is unforgettable without anything else. It is a land of diversity, regular ocean breeze, passionate people and outstanding culinary delights. Daily trips to San Sebastian and Bilbao add some extra great experiences to your summer vacation, when you are tired of surfing or other activities.


  • It is good organized, polite and nice, like haiku.
    Matako KoyamaSurfer from Japan
  • Great beer, good girls and looooots of big waves (too small for me).
    John WayneSurfer from USA
  • I am very energetic person, coming from south of Italy. These was the best summer vacation for me, I tell you. Loots of new friends and fun. Must go now, ciao.
    Mauriti PetardoSurfer from Italy