Welcome to Ujusansa Surf life!

Chill out and let yourself wander with us. Let it be long sandy beaches in the southwest of France, beach town of Zarautz in Basque country or surf trips to other parts of the world – we offer a fabulous and unique selection of surf holidays, with a great range of other extra activities that contribute to your best holiday experience. Tailored specially for you – whether you are a newcomer in the world of surfing or you are passionate wave catcher – we find a way to cater your needs and leave you with unforgettable holiday memories!Feel free to explore our packages and join our lively Ujusansa surfing community.


Our Promise To You

We are here to deliver you the time of your holiday life. We believe the best holidays are the ones that consist of just enough adventure but leave your soul relaxed and fulfilled for long after they are gone.

With more than 15 years of experience in tourism, with a speciality of organizing surf holidays, we are keen on providing you an overall the best surfing experience. By being committed to delivering fun, passionate and authentic holidays, we not only serve your needs but endow you with what life should be about!


How can I choose a package suited for me?

The best way to choose the right package for you is simple – let us know who you are! Wether you are a student, young adult, family or a high school attendee (youth) – every package is designed for your group. If you are a parent and want to apply your junior member of the family, we have a package for you too. So, choose the group you find yourself naturally in, gather all information you wish and book 🙂 If you have any extra questions, don’t hesitate to contact us on info@ujusansa.com or use the contact form on the page.

Is surfing the right sport for me?

Surfing is definitely fun for everyone! It is easy to catch foamy waves and gets a bit harder when you want to reach for higher waves:) But always fun! Sun, ocean, fellow surfers sharing good vibes, sandy beaches…you can’t ask for more…just try it and see for yourself 😉

Can I invite some friends/family members to join? Can I get any discount on a final price?

Yes, of course you can invite friends and family members. More than you are, the merrier it is. You get special discount, yes. It 25 EUR per person you bring with you.

Are there other activities besides surfing included in any of the packages?

There are many extra activities to choose from in whichever group you are applying. From yoga classes, bike rides, skateboarding/longboarding, boardgames, wine tastings,… Take a look at your package first and if you have any extra questions, drop us a line on info@ujusansa.com or fullfill the contact form on our page.

I have some special needs (food/health/etc), can you help me?

We can help you, yes. Let us know about your special needs (on info@ujusansa.com) after you book the package and we will happily assist you as much as we can.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to drop us a line!